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  • Richard Farr

Coup d’état, ou L’état c’est moi?

Donnie! Bibi! Evo!

Irony alert. They’re all corrupt and they are all prepared to cling to power through lies and force even when their corruption is no longer in serious question. Right now, all three are employing the time-worn tactic of shrieking that the very attempts to get rid of them are corrupt! – but only one of them, the cuddly indigenous neo-Marxist, has a case.

Certainly, Evo Morales should have gone gracefully years ago, according to laws he himself grudgingly supported. (If he had done so, he might have been remembered as in at least some ways a successful leader.) But the manner of his removal is very troubling – unlike the manner in which people who believe in the quaint old rule of law are desperately trying to cure their countries of the other two.

As my old friend Marcus Aurelius observed to me a while ago, there will always be men who do great damage because their egos start large and inflate incontinently on contact with power; it’s nothing but a naive waste of time to dream of a world without them. The question is how to arrange things so that it’s possible to get rid of them without doing even more damage in the process. As Marcus also said, the best revenge is not to be like your enemy.

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