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You are Here

A user's guide to the universe

If the Milky Way is Boston, and Andromeda is New York City, the giant elliptical galaxy IC 1101 stretches from New England to the Carolinas. On the same scale, our entire solar system out to Neptune is a grain of sugar in Harvard Square.

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A universe is a terrible thing to waste. You Are Here is only 120 pages in the paperback edition, but in it you will find everything, from quantum foam to the Unobservable Universe.

Have you boggled your mind today?

The world's smallest insects are to you as you are to Mount Everest.

If the Sun is a sesame seed, the star Arcturus is a large marble; Antares is the size of your head.

If California were a thousand light years long, the bacteria in a movie star's mouth would be like vast clusters of planets.

EXTRA! Ten pages of notes on the weirdest things, from cellular slime molds to rogue waves and Dark Energy.

EXTRA EXTRA!! (So exciting, you may have a Lorentz Contraction.) "Einstein Sheds Light on Time: The Tale of Zippy the Tourist."

“Achieved the Goldilocks standard ...difficult info made accessible.”

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