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  • Richard Farr

Dis Barred?

Attorney General William Barr has complained that Donald Trump's tweets make it impossible for him to do his job. This is tellingly inaccurate.

Trump's tweets make it impossible - well, no, but annoyingly difficult anyway - for Barr to do the job that he wants to do and that Trump wants him to do. If Barr was trying to do the entirely different job the Constitution and tradition and his oath of office instruct him to do, then his loathsome dependency would be at an end and Trump's tweets would be irrelevant.

Barr's real problem is deeper than Trump: he's a frustrated would-be courtier and Trump is not yet a king. Born into the ghastly freedom of a democratic republic, Barr pines for the life of a well-whipped sychophant in periwig and knee breeches, with a studded metal collar and a leash perhaps, in England under George III.

Such irony - and if only we could make his wish come true. Perhaps George III would not mind one of the most powerful people in the Kingdom being completely mistaken about the nature of his own job?

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